Gregory Iron Bud

$25.00 - $47.00
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Gregory Iron Bud

Get your very own Gregory Iron plush buddy made in the style of the 90s wrestling buddies! The Handicapped Hero can now live with you in your home! Kinda!

The lil bud is around 7-8 inches tall - $25.
The BIG BUD is around 15-16 inches tall - $45.
(This is not the size of the 90s Tonka wrestling buddies. They are big, but not that big)
(There is an extra $2 thrown on the big bud for the added shipping cost)

Made with cotton fabric and polyester stuffing.

Back of the doll is a solid blue color.

Made in a home with a cat.

Each bud is handmade and can take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Partial proceeds of this bud go directly to Gregory Iron!